We serve to uplift communities,

to advocate equity,

to ensure inclusion,

to be a force for change,

We are SodexoMagic.


We sustain and empower communities everywhere through healthy food and exceptional services.

We stand with our employees and partners to ensure quality of life services that safeguard wellness for all communities to create a just and more equitable future for all people.

Through who we are, through what we do, through our legacy, we stand committed to…

serving equality for communities.



We always overdeliver to our
customers. We want to make sure
we put a smile on their face
each and every day. As the leader,
I want to empower our team to
deliver best in class service. 



SodexoMagic was founded in 2006 between Sodexo and NBA Hall of Famer, Magic Johnson. Mr. Johnson knows what it takes to motivate and create a winning team. With now over 6,500+ employees serving more than 1,700 sites, we always over deliver to our customers.


Our Pillars


We are committed to providing the highest possible quality of food and service to our communities. Our community of chefs use food from diverse suppliers to inspire and deliver great recipes that present healthier choices for our clients and customers.

Quality of Life

Because we are the communities we serve, it is crucial that we understand the people we interact with daily: their challenges as well as their dreams. Through employment opportunities, community events, and philanthropic endeavors, we are dedicated to those who make us who we are.


We champion programs geared toward mental health and are dedicated to the power of collaboration to spark healthy communities.


We are committed to supporting diversity and inclusion through purchases of goods and services from minority and women -owned businesses. All neighborhoods deserve every opportunity to thrive and grow.

Industries We Serve

  • Colleges/Universities

  • K-12

  • Corporate

  • Healthcare

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