Quality of Life

Everything we do is about improving people’s daily lives. We serve to uplift communities, to ensure inclusion and advance equity.

We believe that healthy meals help kids in school; that patients who are comfortable recover faster; and that energized employees perform better.

As an industry leader committed to serving equality, we are continually developing forward-thinking strategies to improve quality of life.

SodexoMagic has awarded thousands in grants, scholarships and community programs to ensure that we not only serve food, but serve as a catalyst for change in the community.

Our hiring practices are of utmost importance, ensuring we provide opportunities to those in our client communities who are eager to serve. Not only is our workforce diverse, our purchasing network is as well. As a minority-owned business, we see it as our responsibility to develop and patronize other minority businesses to fulfill our obligations to our clients. A rising tide lifts all boats – and we’re gratified to share our success with the MWBEs in your community.


Feeding Student Success

As the SodexoMagic Cafeteria Manager, Kevin Dyer makes sure the students at Payne Elementary school are fed healthy, delicious meals and snacks. The way he sees it, though, that’s just part of his job. With many of the students living in challenging circumstances, he’s always there for a hug or high five.

Watch Kevin work magic


We are SodexoMagic, serving equality for communities.




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