Serving Up Equality — and Healthy Comfort Food — at Historically Black Colleges

Historically Black Colleges and Universities — known as HBCUs — are close to our heart at SodexoMagic.

How could they not be? Our majority owner and founder, Mr. Earvin “Magic” Johnson, built his first business in the heart of Los Angeles’ Black community. Equity, inclusion, positive change and economic opportunity are foundational values for us — values we share with the seven HBCUs we serve nationwide. 

HBCUs are continuing to gain prominence and prestige, thanks in part to a growing national focus on social justice issues and many Black students choosing to learn in environments dedicated to developing them intellectually, politically and spiritually. 

The support of sports superstars such as Deion Sanders, who chose to coach football at Jackson State University, a historically Black university, has elevated the status of HBCUs, putting them on the competitive map to attract more top athletes. (We can’t help but brag that we feed the athletes at Jackson State, where Fish-fry Fridays are also a huge hit!)

We feed thousands of students around the country every day — at HBCUs and K-12 schools, in addition to our other client sites. So, we’re proud to say we’re experts in campus and school dining and nutrition. We understand that feeding students is bigger than food. It’s about nourishing young bodies and minds and making them feel cared for and seen (especially when they’re far from home).

We recently took a deep dive into our HBCU dining and custodial services in this SodexoMagic case study. A few highlights:

  • Faced with the challenge of attracting students back to campus after the COVID-19 pandemic, we continued to innovate to offer fresh, delicious, healthy and comforting meals.
  • We provide attractive, modern and social dining environments that help build belonging and community.
  • We welcome student voices and tailor our offerings to unique campus needs; our Gen Z-friendly services include food delivery, grab-and-go ordering and an easy payment/order mobile app.
  • We partner with students and local organizations to support voter registration, food drives and disaster relief efforts. We help combat hunger in our college communities through our partnerships with food pantries, nonprofits and food recovery organizations.
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From standing up a full-service Chick-Fil-A (the food establishment most requested by students) to creating art-filled coffee spaces, rolling in specialty food trucks to serving up allergen-friendly and vegetarian options, we listen to students and do our very best to give them what they crave.

Our reward? Significant growth in Voluntary Meal Plans at many of the colleges we serve over the past two years.

Because what could be more enticing and comforting than people who care about you, asking what you want to eat and making it especially for you?

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