Nutrition Education Helps Students Succeed at D.C. Public Schools

Good nutrition is vital for students’ overall health, and positively impacts their academic and activity performance. It is especially crucial for children and teenagers who are still growing and developing. However, simply providing nutrition information is rarely enough. Opportunities for learning that take place outside of the classroom help students understand how that information applies in a real-world setting.

At District of Columbia Public Schools, the SodexoMagic nutrition teams are committed to helping students learn about food, cooking and health through a variety of fun, interactive programs and events.

One example is Magic Kitchen, a monthly class designed to provide students and their families with hands-on culinary and nutrition education. Each session combines health, science and social studies to help participants learn about nutrition and world cuisines and cultures.

Magic Kitchen encourages D.C. Public Schools students to explore new dishes, sample unique flavors and learn about nutrition as a way to positively impact their health, school experience and performance in and out of the classroom. The sessions provide students hands-on learning and engagement, as well as an opportunity to test dishes for that might be included in future school menus. Our nutrition teams also use this time to get feedback from kids about new food items to tailor menus to meet the needs and tastes of the school community.

For students who cannot attend the in-person or virtual classes, an online video series offers preparation tips and easy-to-follow recipes. In each video, SodexoMagic Executive Chef Garrett Johnson prepares a delicious recipe that incorporates one of the ingredients featured in Magic Kitchen, walking viewers through each step of the process.

Super Bites is another program that shows students and families that healthy food can be fun and delicious. Each month, our nutrition team highlights a different superfood. Superfoods – like beans, carrots, tomatoes, strawberries and broccoli - offer outstanding health benefits, and they taste great. . We highlight the monthly superfood in flyers and social media and feature interesting facts, nutrition information and recipes that students can prepare at home.




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