Move Over, Grown-ups … Future Chefs Are Taking Over!

SodexoMagic's engagement with our DC Public Schools students goes beyond filling their lunch trays every day. We're striving to create a culture of food education and appreciation, where kids are encouraged to cook healthy meals for themselves and their families. We know cooking also helps kids practice basic reading and math.

We have two programs that encourage and reward culinary talents: Future Chefs and Kids Take Over the Kitchen.

Future Chefs is a popular annual contest for elementary students to submit their favorite recipes. We look for creativity, technique, taste and healthy ingredients.

In 2021, Zoe Allen of Murch Elementary was our Future Chef winner. (Zoe along with her peers were finalists in 2020, but the competition was postponed due to COVID-19.) Zoe’s Fettucine Marinara With Spinach and Smoked Sausage was featured on the DCPS menu this school year during Kids Take Over the Kitchen. For these kitchen takeovers, we empower kids to “take over” their home kitchens and tag DCPS social accounts in their pictures and videos to share their healthy and creative meals with classmates all over DC.

Watch Future Chef Zoe in Action

Other enticing recipes submitted by Future Chef 2021 finalists included Sophie W.’s Mac & Sweet Salad, Kwame L.’s Jollof Rice, Avery W.’s Bagel Grilled Cheese and Kale Chips and Maya S.’ Famous Nachos.

Zoe and the other finalists also got to meet SodexoMagic Chief Culinary Advisory Chef G. Garvin and DCPS Executive Chef Garrett Johnson at a special Chef’s Table Lunch.

This April, we’ll select a new Future Chef Winner for 2022. We can’t wait to see what fun, new recipes our students cook up!



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